What Are the New FHA Loan Programs and Do You Qualify?

Let me try and simplify the new FHA $300 billion “Hope” program and see if it works for you or someone you know. Let’s see what else the housing bill includes and offers.

The FHA mortgage relief bill is designed to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure and forced short pays. By design it would write down a mortgage that is higher than the homes current market value and immediately give the homeowner a 10% equity stake and a new more affordable fixed rate loan through the FHA.

Additionally the bill includes a $7,500 tax credit for first time home buyers designed to help more people to own their own home. There are some additional provisions that permanently increase the loan limit to $625,000 to help in the more pricey areas. There is almost $4 billion in neighborhood grants to refurbish homes in blighted areas to avoid abandoned homes from bringing the neighborhood down. There is also $180 million for pre-foreclosure counseling assistance.

On the inner working side it overhauls the FHA that was basically designed in the depression era and now allows the Treasury to have virtually unlimited power to lend money to the FNMA and FHLMC through 2009 and gives the Treasury some control. The idea being that this will help support the housing market and the national economy.

As far as the new home loans, they can cut your loan balance by even 40% and give you instant 10% equity and a new more affordable fixed rate loan with the FHA. But, there are restrictions. To qualify your old loan needs to have been made from 1-05 to 6-07, you must live in the home, own no other rentals and must be spending at least 31% of your GMI. There are of course other regular FHA lending programs that require only 3% down without these restrictions. Ask your lender for more details.

For the lenders side, they need to agree to write down the current loan amount to just 90% of current appraised value – also known as a “hair-cut”. The appraisal must be performed by an FHA approved and licensed appraiser. They must agree to waive all fees and pre-payment penalties. They will also want to document that there is financial hardship. They must run their numbers to see if it’s beneficial to re-do the loan or foreclose.

For the new FHA loan, the borrower must agree to no equity loans for 5 years unless it’s for home maintenance or improvement. Borrower must agree to share the equity if the property increase at 100% of the profit the first year if sold and then 90% the second and then 10% down to 50%, that is the most unusual part of this program.

Bottom line is, there is help out there for some struggling homeowners but for this program there are restrictions and it’s not a free ride. The old lender must agree to a voluntary hair-cut and waive all fees and the new lender will get a piece of the appreciation – if there is any. The new FHA program is set to begin October 1, 2008 and the FHA programs could allow up to 1 to 2 million borrowers to participate.

Key Points For The Right Pair Of Hair Scissors

Hair scissors are the pair of scissors used for all purposes of hair. There are various type available meeting different requirements of hair. They are used not only for cutting purposes but also for thinning purposes as well. These tools are designed accordingly as per their functions. Hair cutting, thinning and even texturing scissors are some of the examples to various types available in the market today.

Hair scissors are important and necessary tools for a hairstylist. Choosing the right pair is not at all an easy task. With its sharpness and design, it can offer the best possible hairstyle for you. According to the different hair textures, different styles of hair scissors are used. Here is a short note on points to be kept in mind while selecting a best quality pair of these tools.

Firstly, the right kind of hair scissors with the right kind of blades is to be selected. There are basically two types of scissor blades. One is Bevelled Edged and the other one is convex edged.

Beveled Edged, originated by Germans is one of the oldest forms of scissor blades used for hair cutting purposes. Comparatively cheaper, such blades are unable to perform the latest hair cutting techniques like slide cutting functions. It has a very durable impact but requires a lot of force and effort during the haircut.

Convex edged are the latest form of hair cutting blades innovated by the Japanese. Compared to the earlier form of blades, convex blades hair scissors are capable of performing all kinds of latest hair cutting techniques. Although, such pair of blades requires high maintenance and thus, offers smooth cutting.

Secondly, the handle of the hair scissors are to be noted well. The handles help you offer a comfortable haircut to the customers. Basically, three types of handles are available in the market. Handle with offset grip, handle with opposite grip and handle with crane grip. Each form of handle has its own features and its own advantages. Though, handle with opposite grip is preferred to be used by professional hairstylist.

The final step is to choose the right blade length for the right pair of hair scissors. In order to locate the right length of the blade, special care is to be taken about hair cutting technique as well as your size of the hands.

Get Over Your Hair Loss Worries

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which small plugs of hair-bearing skin containing 2 to 3 hair each are taken from the back or sides of the scalp and transferred to the bald area on the head.

The area from which the grafts are taken (donor site) is first treated with a local anesthesia followed by removal of the desired number of hair grafts. The area that is to receive the grafts (recipient site) is similarly treated and the donor grafts are carefully placed into the prepared area in a pattern that matches the direction of the original hair. The transplants are spaced in such a way as to allow each to receive an adequate blood supply during the healing process. The procedure lasts for 3 to 6 hours depending upon the condition of the skin and extent of the area involved. About six months later, the spaces between the new implants are filled in with new grafts. About six weeks after each transplant, the hair falls out. Approximately three months later, new hair appears and grows at a rate of one quarter to one-half inch a month. Mega session consists of more than 3000 follicles (7000 to 8000 Hair) in few hours.

What types of baldness can be helped?

There are many causes for hair loss in men and women including high fever as a result of severe infection, thyroid disease, inadequate protein in the diet, certain medications, cancer treatments, childbirth, birth control pills and others. Many of these conditions are reversible and do not require hair transplantation. The most common type of baldness that is successfully treated with hair transplantation in Pakistan is male pattern baldness. This condition, inherited from either side of the family, starts when a person is in his or her teens, twenties or thirties. While women with this inherited tendency do not become bald, they can develop considerable thinning of the hair. Other types of baldness that respond to this procedure are those which have resulted from accidents, operations and inflammatory or infectious diseases of the scalp. Following the initial treatments, many patients who want to achieve greater density or refinement of the hairline will return for additional hair transplants.

The technique which is effective for the treatment of baldness is single Follicular Hair Transplantation.

For the last few years this technique become more better due to rapid progress in this field.

* Use of stereo-microscope so that follicles can cut in a complete unit.
* Use of slit instead of punches
* Planning of sessions of HT as baldness progresses.
* Most Important is to have a trained team of HT with surgeons.
* Progress in the technique of local Anesthesia due to which HT becomes a painless procedure.
* This progress is excellent and characterized by natural and definitive results. The most important aspect is patient’s satisfaction after single follicular hair transplantation in Pakistan.

Different Stages of the procedure:

Hair Transplant In Pakistan is using the latest Single Follicular Slit Graft Technique for surgical procedures based on the fact that hair follicles from side and back of the head are genetically programmed to grow. With this new technology, we transplant one hair at one time. The final result is Guaranteed Healthy 100% naturally growing hair with no scars and no side-effects.


The result is obvious in 3 to 6 months.

The growth of the transplanted Hair is 1cm per month.

The new hair grow like normal hair and you can cut these hair regularly.