How to Select the Best Modern Saree for You?

Nowadays, an Indian woman doesn’t want to keep the same traditional clothes, particularly the saree. She wants to bring something new and fresh.

Women want to look modern and contemporary, but also in the end be different and unique. However, we have to respect the traditional way because it’s part of Indian history and Indian women like it.

The saree is not just a long piece of fabric, it is a humble cloth that over the years has evolved. We can see it presented today with innovative and modern silhouettes and in different ways of draping.

In modern times, there are 4 different types of sarees: the dhoti saree, khadi saree, gown saree and the pre-stitched saree.

The Dhoti Saree

The Dhoti saree is a new look for the traditional silhouette. This is one of the sarees that has the most important western inspiration and contemporary look.

The modern dhoti saree of today attracts attention from many Indian fashion lovers. In the next few seasons, we have to be prepared to see such styles on the red carpet and on Bollywood stars as well.

The best colour palettes for the dhoti sarees are red, coral and blush tones of pink for the main ones, but the style can also be in powder blue and gold. What we can add to the dhoti saree is a delicate fine jewellery piece to have the perfect outfit.

The Khadi Saree

Khadi sarees are going to have a revolutionary impact in the fashion industry. However, khadi sarees are not for everyone, this style is for people who love Indian textiles, colour palettes and fabrics. These sarees are worn with silk blouses and delicate glitter or embroidery on the saree.

Khadi is an eco-friendly, handmade, natural and versatile fabric. When someone wears a khadi saree, the first impression is that’s very light and feels like a second skin.

Some of the best colours for a khadi saree are yellow, indigo blue, alizarin red and pomegranate.

The Gown Saree

Gown sarees are easy to fit, glamorous and feature an elegant silhouette. You just have to put on the outfit, almost as easily as wearing a dress, and you are ready to go!

For events such as cocktail events, weddings and card parties, there is an increasing demand for this kind of saree.

The most used fabrics for gown sarees are chiffons, brocade, georgettes, silk and lycra. With gown sarees, you can opt for solid colours and strong embroidery textures, since the style suits a more bold look.

And concerning the accessories, bangles and earrings are the best to complement this kind of saree.

The Pre-Stitched Saree

The pre-stitched sarees exists in different forms: we can have narrow pallus but also fixed pleats. To have a perfect look with this type of saree, add a textured trouser instead of an under-skirt.

And then, maybe you can play with the cuts of blouses to create an interesting and unique outfit. Concerning prints or textures, 3D embroidery on the saree will be perfect.

The Conclusion?

The style and type of saree you finally select depends on the event and what type of impression you want to create. Is there a specific type of saree you prefer?

Which Online Jewellery Stores Can I Trust?

Buying jewellery online with confidence

Jewellery is one of those fantastic items where you can see some sizeable discounts simply by shopping around online. However, it is also very difficult to discern the difference between different metals – for example, sterling silver and white gold, 9K and 18K yellow gold – if you aren’t an expert and are only looking at a picture on a screen. One-dimensional photos also mean that it is easy to cover up inclusions in gemstones or dents in pearls. Buying pieces from online jewellery stores is often a matter of trust… so how do you know which you can trust? We give you a guide to finding scrupulous Melbourne jewellery stores and online jewellery stores today.

Brands You Know

One easy way to be sure that you’re getting what you expect is to look for the online jewellery stores of brands that you already know. If there are any issues, these well known stores are more likely to offer refunds and exchanges, even if the description was accurate.

Look for Australian Sites

It is safer to buy from jewellery stores in Melbourne or other major Australian cities than to buy from overseas… although prices are sometimes a little more. This is not because there is a lower proportion of scammers in Australia than anywhere else in the world, but purely because if you have any problems it is much easier to have your Office of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs Department look into them.

Should I Buy Jewellery from eBay?

There are some reputable online jewellery stores who make a living through eBay. Unfortunately, though, an easy signup process and the ability to manipulate feedback means that eBay is where most of the scammers can be found. If you want to buy a piece of jewellery on eBay, look for:

  • The eBay store of a well-known retailer – a few exist! Verify using their site that they are actually involved in eBay selling
  • Stores with very high feedback rating – well over 500. Click through to the profiles of some of the users that have left them feedback, and check how many other items they have bought.
  • Truthful titles. The item title is the place that unscrupulous sellers are most apt to put misleading information. If the title doesn’t say anything dodgy or misleading, you have a better chance of getting a good item.
  • Photos from every angle.
  • Descriptions that don’t use abbreviations – abbreviations are often used to mislead eBay buyers

Should I Buy Jewellery From Amazon?

Many major US retailers sell on Amazon. However, many smaller and less trustworthy companies do also. If you are going to buy jewellery from Amazon, either buy from Amazon itself, or from a seller that you can verify as a major retail brand in the States.

A Physical Address and Phone Number

Make sure that your Melbourne jewellery store or other online jewellery store lists a physical address and a landline phone number. Verify using the phone book that these match up, and see if you can talk to customer service staff on the phone prior to jewellery purchase to check out refund and exchange policies for the online jewellery store.

Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Jewellery

Hand Engraving is a very traditional method of engraving that has been used for many years before engraving machines were around.

A Hand Engraver is a craftsman who trains for many years at this delicate and intricate profession. Usually they aim to gain a city and guilds diploma.

All work is done by hand with small graver tools which the engraver uses to cut the silver or gold out with different size tips and pressure. He will also use a bullet to hold the items which enables him to move the item around 360 degrees to ensure a smooth cut.

Many people do not realise what is involved in Hand Engraving and presume that it is a process using a small dremel tool where you freehand etch the product.

When comparing a machine engraved item and a hand engraved item there is a massive difference and people are surprised in how much deeper and clearer a hand engraved item can be.

The downside of machine engraving is that it does not actually cut out the metal it just pushes the metal around to make the lettering or numbers. This results in engraving that is very shallow and as the metal has not been cut out there is a burr around the lettering which you will feel as a rough edge. The massive difference between machine and hand engraving is that with hand the metal will actually be cut out leaving a nice deep cut and a smooth edge all around. This deep cut will enable to you very clearly read the engraving and also it will not wear off. For example on the inside of a ring or on the inside of a bracelet where it is getting daily wear, the friction of this against your skin will actually over time wear off machine engraving and make it very faint. With hand you will find that the cut and finish will last and will be clear to see many years later.

As Hand Engraving is so versatile it is not limited to lettering. Symbols e.g. stars, hearts, diamond shapes can be engraved and more intricate work such as crests, coat of arms and monograms.

Personalising an item with a lovely engraved message is a way to remember an occasion, date or simply a hidden message for only you and your loved one to know about. It is something that can be treasured forever.