Corporate Gift Baskets – Lending a Helping Hand to Brand Positioning

A wild wild world! It is the best way to describe the corporate world characterized by cut-throat competition. Corporate gifts are also becoming a part of the race in trying to gain as distinctive a nature as possible.

The gifts and the occasion on which it is given go a long way in establishing the brand image for a company. It may be distributed to non-profit organizations resulting in mutual benefit to the NGO and the company. The company gets to say that it cares for society and in some cases it actually does care! Corporate gift baskets may be considered as a bribe by some but when during the holidays these gifts bring a smile to the faces of the poor especially deprived children all apprehensions as to the motive disappear.

Most gifts have the company’s name and logo engraved or printed on the gifts in order to always remain in the consciousness of the consumer. The assumption is that the cost incurred on such gifts can be recovered by the new business that it generates.

Corporate gifting is often done for marketing but is also helpful in:

  • employee recognition
  • welcoming new clients or accounts
  • welcoming new employees
  • sometimes saying goodbye to retiring employees
  • introducing a new product
  • building on existing relationships.

The most popular form of corporate gifting is a gift basket which conveys a feeling of large heartedness along with the feeling of love and appreciation. Most corporate gifts have articles made out of leather like a leather key ring, wallet, and leather bound organizer.

Other common gifts are a wall clock, caps, bags, T-shirts, mementoes, umbrellas during summer, wooden desktops etc.